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Words From The Heart
Reflections By Parents

When a beloved child dies, some parents find comfort in writing and sharing their thoughts by talking about their feelings. Others simply cannot find the words to describe the intense emotions that follow a heartbreaking loss so they look for things to read that might console them. Here is where they all can meet.

Tell us your Story .... Reflections By Parents

CBSS is privileged to be able to offer a shared space for parents to unite. We hope that the words and thoughts you read will bring you closer to finding strength and healing. And if you wish to contribute to this page with your thoughts, please send us an email click here.

My Journey in grief

by S.L.

Because they were not a dream...
by Angeline Sim

What's happening to me?
by Hana R Adams

Your families' 9 Paths through grief
by D. Biteena Frazier (aka Kendra)

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