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Bereaved by Suicide

If you are newly bereaved by suicide, please read this personal letter from a parent who had recently experienced the loss of her son. 


If you are looking for a support group for suicide-bereaved parents, please enquire with Healing Bridge (run by SOS) and Healing Hearts, a mothers support group (run by The Therapy Room) 

Links: Straits Times article, Facebook ST Video, The Zen Dylan Koh Fund (provides support for young people in need of mental health therapy and counselling)


If you wish to know more about youth suicide prevention, please take a look at the PleaseStay.Movement, an advocacy group comprising parents in Singapore bereaved by suicide, calling for a whole-of-society effort in the prevention of suicide and upstream issues of depression, anxiety and mental illness among young people.

Links: What Suicide Survivors Face and a Help Guide on Suicide Prevention can help give you a perspective of suicide loss and how you can seek support. 


Please also refer to sections:  Useful Links and Your Healing Journey.  

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