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The following are links to groups (in Singapore and overseas) which offer support for parents.  Also listed are Articles which give an understanding of the grief journey after the loss of a child.  The links are sub-categorised for easy reference : General Bereavement Support, Infant & Pregnancy Loss, Father's Grief, Children's Grief and Suicide Loss.  Coping strategies and other specific information are also found at the section "Your Healing Journey".

General Bereavement Support 

Viriya Grief  Support Programme

Offers free counselling support for the bereaved

PIETA (Singapore) 

A Catholic-Christian faith-based support group for bereaved parents

Whispering Hope (Singapore)

Loss coping tool based on the Grief Recovery Method run by Ms Joan Swee


The Compassionate Friends (USA)

The Compassionate Friends (UK)

The Grief Support Network (USA)


The Journey through Grief - The 6 needs of mourning by Alan D Wolfelt  

Bereavement: Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

Difference between a Fathers and Mothers dealing with grief

Grief : Myths & Facts (and Tips to cope)

What I Wish Other People Understood About Losing A Child By Paula Stephens

Is It Really Possible To Find Beauty Amidst Tragedy? by Liz Mannegren

Grieving & Isolation

Coping with death and grief - suggested by Jenna and Jessica Bishop

Dealing with Death, Grief and Bereavement - suggested by Hannah and Michelle Bass

Some Grief Resolutions by Gary Roe (Gary Roe is a grief specialists who offers compassion and support through his books and other resources)

Why everyone needs a Grief Recovery Team by Gary Roe

Self Help Ideas After Loss

Setting Goals for Grief and Loss

A Guide to Grief: Stages of Grief, Coping Tips, Sympathy Flowers, and More (suggested by friends of the Fullers Library)

What to Know About Grieving the Death of a Child

What I Wish Other People Understood About Losing A Child

End of Life: A Grief Support Resource (USA)

Full list of Counselling and

Support Services

Infant & Pregnancy Loss




Infant & Pregnancy Loss Facebook Group (Singapore)

Angel Hearts (Singapore)

Miscarriage Association (UK)

Infant Loss Resources

Books on Baby Loss by Felicia Tan

- To Baby with Love and Lost & Found


Surgical Abortion Care

Caring For Yourself after an Abortion

Father's Grief

A Father's Grief (Brochure) by The Compassionate Friend



Fathers After Miscarriage by Adriel Booker

Miscarriage - A guide for Men

Father's Role in Child Loss by Amy Newman's_Role_in_Loss_of_a_Child

Fathers & Grief by John Lally - a father's loss of his son by drug overdose

Suicide Loss

PleaseStay Movement (Singapore) - suicide prevention advocacy

SOS (Samaritans of Singapore)  - bereavement support services

SOS conducts 2 programmes for suicide-bereavement support : LOSS and Healing Bridge.

Healing Hearts - Support Group for Suicide-Bereaved Mothers 

Enquire details and register with The Therapy Room.

National Suicide Prevention Alliance (UK)



Understanding survivors of suicide loss

What Suicide Survivors face

Those left behind by Batya Swift Yasgur

Help guide on Suicide Prevention

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