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-  Our Objectives, Our Reach, Our Team

Child Bereavement Support (Singapore) is an informal network of bereaved parents who have all found that meeting other bereaved parents is what has made the biggest difference to us, and given us the most support, the most hope and the most comfort. People grieve in very different ways but we have all learned through our own experience that parent to parent support is just invaluable.

Our Objectives

CBSS was set up by bereaved parents for bereaved parents with very simple objectives: we provide support and friendship through a 'befriending' network, hold monthly support meetings, and maintain this website of resource and information to help bereaved parents find their way through their loss.  Where possible, we conduct CBSS talks on how to support bereaved families to doctors, nurses and medical students to promote compassion and understanding for families when death occurs on their watch.  

Our Reach

Being an independent, multi-cultural and multi-religious, parent-to-parent grouping, non-affiliated to any hospital or organisation, we are able to reach out to all bereaved parents in Singapore (of any race, religion or culture) who have suffered the loss of a baby or child - during pregnancy, in early infancy, at any stage of childhood, and even later into adulthood - and no matter in what circumstances or how recently or how long ago. We are open to any parent who needs support in their time of bereavement.

Our Core Team

A small team of parents facilitates monthly support meetings and conduct regular CBSS Talks to hospitals and medical schools.  We manage the CBSS website and Facebook group to reach out to those in need.  We connect with the local media for human interest stories on bereavement and link with other groupings in Singapore which help bereaved parents cope with loss.   The Core Team of parents - Shailaja, Ser Yee, Pat, Felicia, Sharan, Sara & Lionel and Val – have reached out with courage and generosity sharing their personal experiences, words of comfort and precious time.  We thank those who have served CBSS in the past, in particular Sonya, Marina, Susie, Kendra, Ruby and Sheree.  

Our Beginnings

We started in April 2004 as five bereaved mothers who realized the need for a support group in Singapore. Our experiences were very different but we shared an important bond. Along the way we met other bereaved parents, from a variety of racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. As bereaved parents, we were united in our sorrow, pain and yearning for our children AND in our desire to help each other struggle along our individual journeys of grief. Several organisations, including the KK Women and Children's Hospital, were instrumental in scaffolding the timely birth of CBSS.

In Mar 2005, CBSS was officially launched and registered as a Charity, marked by our first book, Farewell, My Child, a collection of stories of our children with chapters on how to cope and how to lend support. This book is available for free to all bereaved parents in Singapore. We have in the past organised memorial events, and have since produced a Mandarin version of the book and released a 2nd Edition of the book in English.


Our Future 

CBSS passed it’s 10th year quietly, but ever stronger and unwavering in our commitment to help bereaved parents. For as long as possible, CBSS will continue to guide parents to that light at the end of the tunnel, gently holding their hands and softly encouraging them forward, one day at a time.  Our CBSS history continues.

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